Pay the Piper

Today I had my semiannual mole check.

I was one of those sun-soaking girls. You know, the ones that lathered on the baby oil and spent hours soaking up sun in my youth. By “youth”, I actually mean I continued sunbathing with suntan oil and no sunscreen well into my twenties. Heck, even in my early thirties I would lounge on the beach wearing minimal sunscreen, or I would go to a tanning bed.

The piper finally came around to collect his dues about 3 years ago. After going to the dermatologist for a few suspicious moles, one on my lower leg just above my ankle came back as Melanoma. It was only Melanoma in-Situ, but it was still Melanoma, and it still scared the crap out of me. When they removed the lesion they cut all the way down to my muscle, taking skin from my thigh to do a skin graft. My scar is about 2″x3″ and indented, it sort of looks like a shark bite. I now go for semi-annual skin checks and annual blood work, lung x-rays and optamologist appointments, because even though it was in-Situ it can still metastasize.

So now I look at my skin like it’s trying to kill me whenever I have exposed skin. Even after all this, I still enjoy the feel of the sun on my skin… with sunscreen… for a short time… in the early morning or late afternoon. Hey, I’m human.

Pale is beautiful. Why doesn’t everyone agree? Why don’t I truly agree?


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