Enough already!

For the record, I dislike Paula Deen, or at least I dislike what she represents. Paula Deen represents and encourages obesity and unhealthy eating without consideration for consequences. I do not buy her (overpriced) products or watch her TV shows because I do not support her in any way. The people I know that love her recipes are unhealthy, uncomfortable and have health issues they blame on genetics while they eat that butter filled casserole. We all know the ramifications this has on our healthcare system and insurance rates, but that’s another rant.

Now her name is everywhere, for a comment she publicly admitted to saying 20+ years ago. Enough already! I may not like what she represents, but she’s a human being in pain and I don’t like to see any person in pain. I may not like what she represents, but I’m sure that if I met her in person she would offer me a kindness and hospitality that I would graciously return. Anyone that watched that YouTube video or interview can see she regrets all of it and is not racist. I don’t think she should get her show back, but: Forgive, forget and move on!

With fame comes a public responsibility and often harsher consequences than the general public faces for indiscretions. Paula Deen is not a very thick-skinned lady, yet she summoned the courage to make a public apology (YouTube) and then agreed to an interview on the Today Show with Brian Williams. She was unable to attend the original interview due to her emotional state, which I completely understand, I would have probably done the same thing, but at least she finally did show up. She made a mistake, she apologized, now let’s move on. Now with these brands dropping her name? I think it’s ridiculous. She will find a way to continue to make money from all of us even without her face on products, because money buys more money. She will be okay.

I’m glad that the Food Network has dropped her show, but not because of this mistake she made decades ago, it’s because I’d like to see someone on the Food Network promoting heart-healthy cooking. Strokes, heart disease, diabetes and other diet related diseases are on the rise and something needs to be done to encourage a better way. I know everyone is responsible for their own health, but some people only know the ways their parents teach them and what they watch on tv, this trickles down to their kids and their kids and their kids. The problem there is that the food today is NOT the food our grandparents ate. The pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics & steroids were not a part of farming in “the good ol days”, and manual labor was a way of life for most people. I want to see a healthy America. I want to see my friends healthy, happy and able to enjoy their bodies as the machines they are.

I’ll end my health rant there, but I’ll say again: Forgive, forget and move the Hell on!

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