Winds of change

Leaving the island…


After living on Isle of Palms for almost 11 years, we have moved 1 mile across the Causeway to Mount Pleasant. While this may not seem like much of a move to most people, this was incredibly difficult for us, emotionally. We have grown accustomed to being able to walk to our favorite beach bars and to hearing the sound of the ocean from our front porch.

Another reason leaving the island hurts is that I still feel the presence of my recently deceased dog when I’m on the island. A part of me feels like I’m leaving her behind, silly as that sounds.

Moving to Mount Pleasant has it’s benefits, though. We could not have afforded to own a home on the island at this point in our lives, but we have bought our own home together in Mount Pleasant. And though it is only a modest condominium, it is all ours! The location is ideal, too. We are still within walking distance of many great bars and restaurants, we have a pool right across the parking lot, the complex has a gym, and we are only a 10 minute drive to our old stomping grounds.

So, while we grieve for the loss of our previous (spoiled) life, we are trying to keep one eye on the bright side. There may be some moaning and groaning coming from me in the meantime.

Here are a few photos of my precious island.

Kite-boarding is a popular sport among the super-fit adventurous folks.


We have had kayaks for about 8 years, but we’ve only put them in the water a handful of times. I regret that a bit now. So fun!

I will miss walking home from work on the beach Summer mornings as the sun rises. Dawn is a magical time on the beach.

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