Can’t we all just get along?

Tonight I read an article written by someone I followed (note past tense) on Twitter. This article was an assault on aviation enthusiasts that call themselves AvGeeks and use that as a hashtag. There are plenty of people out there who have returned fire on the author of this article so I won’t bother continuing that fight here. The thing I would like to address is the mean tone that was set by the author, Chris Clarke.

Social media is a wonderful tool for promoting both businesses and hobbies, but especially hobbies. The community of folks who have met via Twitter is a wonderful group of people and I have come to think of them as friends. I’m not offended that someone thinks the term is derogatory, but I am offended by the way he refers to the people who use the hashtag. We all have the goal of promoting aviation and encouraging young aspiring pilots to follow their dreams and drink the aviation Kool-Aid. Is there really any need to insult a fun and open group of aviation enthusiasts with the same goals just because someone is concerned that they may look like a “geek”? Come on, it’s just a term used in jest. Get over yourself and play nice. The sandbox is big enough for anyone who wants to play.

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