The Great Pumpkin

When I was a kid we had The Great Pumpkin visit every year. Our neighborhood was full of young families, so Halloween was always a big deal.

My parents were always very involved in everything I did, and when it came to Halloween, they really stepped it up. They had a ceramic pumpkin with a sound sensitive light they would put inside. The pumpkin would light up with sound, and it was sitting on a big speaker covered with a blanket. Dad would be hiding in the dark inside the living room behind a window covered with a sheer curtain, talking into a microphone that went to the speaker under the pumpkin. Kids would come to the porch and the pumpkin would start interacting with them. Some ran away terrified, but most of them were fascinated by the magic of The Great Pumpkin!

The first year we had The Great Pumpkin visit caused quite the stir in the neighborhood (and small town). The second year we had kids visiting from nearby neighborhoods coming to our neighborhood to see him. By the third year, kids were visiting from neighboring towns, some even traveled from several towns over. When I began high school we moved to a town about 30 miles away. I remember hearing kids in high school talk about going to another town to trick-or-treat so they could see The Great Pumpkin.

I took my parents coolness for granted as a kid, but I sure am glad to have so many great childhood memories. It breaks my heart to think that The Great Pumpkin has retired and may never be seen again. Maybe he will be resurrected someday with a female voice. 😉

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