Don’t Blink

My cousin suffered one of the most tragic losses a person can suffer yesterday; His child died.

Jackson Conrad Gray, named after my deceased uncle, passed away yesterday afternoon unexpectedly. Frank and his brother, Wayne, were here visiting me in Charleston when it happened. We were hanging out at an oceanside pool enjoying a couple of beers while we talked about my father and the battles he faces, while the life of his baby slipped away. I cannot begin to imagine the agony he felt during the 3 hour return ride to Greenville, or the pain he will feel for quite some time. I know it isn’t terribly uncommon for babies to die, but that doesn’t make this less tragic.

It is sad that so many of the most undeserving parents have more children than they deserve, and parents who struggle to build a family have so many losses.

Life can be so unfair. Trying to make sense of it can lead you to insanity.

Rest in peace, little Buddy.


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