Update on Dad

Pathology reports took longer to come back last week. We were hopeful that we would hear something on Wednesday, but that didn’t happen. The results of the PET scan were posted online on Thursday, but we weren’t able to see a doctor until Friday at 2pm. Unfortunately, the pathologist said the stains that were done did not show markers for the cancer we thought this was, Extensive Small Cell Lung Cancer. We still don’t know what name to put on this cancer. He will hopefully have another CT scan on Tuesday to find which lymph nodes will provide the best samples for another biopsy, then they will schedule a biopsy and we’ll wait again. This next biopsy will be staining to see if this could be Lymphoma. The oncologist is hopeful for Lymphoma because it is more treatable than the small cell lung cancer.

Here are the facts we have so far: he has cancer in his right lung, a tumor on his right lung, the cancer is in his liver and his lymph nodes. What we don’t know: what the primary cancer is that we are dealing with.

This week they will also be installing a port for chemo and bloodwork. We have another appointment with the oncologist Friday morning and I plan to be there for that appointment. I hope we can find some answers so we can start treating this.

On a good note, I had a wonderful visit with him this weekend. I went with him to the last Greenville Drive baseball game on Wednesday night and then I took him flying over Clemson on Thursday. I think it’s important to stay focused on enjoying our time together so he can heal with a peaceful heart. I hope I’m able to stay strong for him.

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