Emotional Support

Last Friday my dad had an appointment for a biopsy of his lung tumor and another Pleural Thoracentesis (not entirely sure that’s the correct term or spelling). They only drained about a liter of fluid from around his lungs this time, which is a not-terrible sign; At least the fluid levels hadn’t built up to where they were (2200 cc’s) 3 weeks prior.

The doctor was kind enough to schedule the CT Scan for later the same day. He is allergic to the dye they use for contrast for these tests so they pumped him full of Benadryl, which seemed to work. I think the beginning of these tests has really made this all “real” for him. He had a PET scan scheduled for this afternoon, and this morning before the appointment he had hives all over his back. My father has never had any anxiety issues, he’s usually the calmest guy in the room during stressful situations. The fact that he is suffering from this anxiety is enough to bring me to my knees. I think everyone’s nightmare is to watch a parent suffer. The fact that he is suffering emotionally, psychologically and physically breaks my heart.

The doctors should be contacting my parents sometime tomorrow to discuss the cumulative results from these tests and I plan to be there. After working 3rd shift tonight I’m making the 3 hour drive. I will nap on the sofa while we wait for the call. I’m hoping with all my might that I can stay strong for them. I hear that cancer patients quickly begin to tire of visitors because they require so much energy just consoling them. I do hope my presence will ease their stress and not cause any added tension.

He’s a really special guy. I hope his weakened body can handle this.

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