Only Time Will Tell

So, phase 2 of the cancer life began yesterday with a biopsy of the tumor and another thoracentesis to drain the pleural effusion fluid. They went down his throat to biopsy the tumor on his lung so he was anesthetized, which led to an interesting phone conversation with him after it was done. When the doctor came in to talk to them about what he found my mother was kind enough to call me and hold the phone up to the doctor so I could hear. This is what he learned. The doctor was thinking Dad had “non-small cell lung cancer”, but now he thinks it could possibly be “extensive small cell lung cancer”. The difference is that the small cell cancer responds well to treatment, but it returns quickly and aggressively. When my mom asked for more details the doctor immediately said he must end the conversation there because he wasn’t sure enough to speculate yet, and he didn’t want to have anyone misled one way or another. The doctor was also kind enough to schedule the next test for the same day, the CT Scan. The pathologist should process this information and get it all to my dad’s doctor by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. I’m planning to drive up to Greenville on Wednesday morning to be there with my parents when they get whatever news the doctor has to give, or at least that is my plan. It’s entirely possible they will get the call from the doctor on Tuesday. Tuesday is also the day they have a PET Scan scheduled. We are hoping to find out from all of these tests whether the cancer is just lung cancer, another cancer that has metastacized to the lungs, or if the lung cancer could possibly have metastacized to other organs.

So now we wait. Again.

Time will tell.

Tomorrow I fly with a friend. I’m going to attempt to take a day off from worry.

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