Personal spaceĀ 

I’ve always been super sensitive to touch. When I was a kid I would shy away from my family when we entered a gathering because I come from a family of huggers, and I’ve never been comfortable hugging. As an adult, I’ve learned to find ways to be comfortable hugging people as long as I’m prepared for it. Strangers touching me is a completely different story.

Recently, I was walking through China Town in Sydney, Australia, when someone was trying to get me to come in to the store for a massage. This lady touched my shoulders to convince me to come inside and I had an instant panic attack. I almost swung around and instinctively punched this complete stranger!

I’ve had similar experiences on trains and in lines in Europe, where personal space is not a thing that is respected or even considered. Nothing has compared to the pure panic I felt when this little Chinese woman touched my shoulders. Why on earth would someone think it is okay to put their hands on a stranger without an invitation?

I’m not sure why I felt the need to write about this little experience, other than I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. So there it is. That is all.

Have a great day!