Don’t put me in a box.

I’ve been driving Ben’s car while he’s out of town because it’s a fun car to drive and my car is out of gas. After my flight yesterday a lady who had been out flying with her husband noticed Ben’s Gaea Yoga sticker on his rear window and told me she does yoga there, too. I told her that I don’t really do much yoga, but my husband goes there and loves it. She looked at my flight bag and seemed a little confused.

Interesting how people have a hard time accepting anything that isn’t traditional.

Can’t we all just get along?

Tonight I read an article written by someone I followed (note past tense) on Twitter. This article was an assault on aviation enthusiasts that call themselves AvGeeks and use that as a hashtag. There are plenty of people out there who have returned fire on the author of this article so I won’t bother continuing that fight here. The thing I would like to address is the mean tone that was set by the author, Chris Clarke.

Social media is a wonderful tool for promoting both businesses and hobbies, but especially hobbies. The community of folks who have met via Twitter is a wonderful group of people and I have come to think of them as friends. I’m not offended that someone thinks the term is derogatory, but I am offended by the way he refers to the people who use the hashtag. We all have the goal of promoting aviation and encouraging young aspiring pilots to follow their dreams and drink the aviation Kool-Aid. Is there really any need to insult a fun and open group of aviation enthusiasts with the same goals just because someone is concerned that they may look like a “geek”? Come on, it’s just a term used in jest. Get over yourself and play nice. The sandbox is big enough for anyone who wants to play.

If We Weren’t All Crazy We Would Go Insane

Ever feel like all the pieces of your life are floating above your head? Like all you have to do is jump up to grab them and put them in their place? That’s how I feel these days, except the pieces are just out of my reach and my legs are sinking in quicksand.

My husband has a wonderful new business opportunity and I couldn’t be more proud of him or happier for his success, except that my happiness is shadowed by a black cloud that seems to be hanging over my head.

This sounds like I don’t have good things happening, which isn’t true at all. I have quite a few great opportunities going for me and more right around the corner, if I can relax and focus enough to grab them. To name a few: *I’ve been planning and preparing for my commercial check ride for months and I am finally ready to take the practical exam, except that just thinking about the exam makes me see myself failing and in giving up on my dreams because of it, because I don’t think I’m strong enough to survive a failure of that magnitude. *A job I’ve been wanting for over 5 years in the police department where I work will be available for me to apply soon, but I keep digging myself into a hole with someone who I just can’t seem to find an ounce of respect for. *The relationship between my son and me is finally becoming what I’ve always hoped it could be. There are quite a few other things I should be celebrating every day, celebrating them and reaching for these opportunities that are in my sight and there for my taking….

Unfortunately, every single thing that is good in my life is shadowed by the cancer that is eating away at my father’s body and the fact that he doesn’t understand that he can make choices that could cost him or afford him years.

I’m so good at evaluating, understanding and communicating my emotions, so why can’t I stop pushing friends and family away? I hope that when I crawl out of this black hole, and I will, I can repair the damage I’ve done to any relationships I’ve hurt.

I need to go flying, where everything is all about freedom and feeling and living in the moment.